Self-Care in the Face of Pain

Self-Care in the Face of Pain

How do you take care of yourself when you’re in the midst of *waves of all that*?

I haven’t been able to blog every day as I’d hoped. I’ve been hurting too much, so I’m going at my own pace. Effy Wild has provided prompts for daily blogging and I randomly picked one for today.

This is a list, not necessarily in order, of some things I do to take care of myself “in the midst of *waves of all that*.”

1 – read
2 – bake (I love trying new recipes)
3 – take a walk with my fur-baby
4 – listen to music
5 – read my favorite blogs
6 – talk to a friend
7 – watch art journaling videos on YouTube
8 – journal — with or without art
9 – enjoy a cup of tea
10- take photographs


Tell me, what do you do for self-care? How do you distract from the pain?


Until later, 

Gentle hugs 🤗 

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