September Blog Along Day One

September Blog Along Day One

Effy Wild September Blog Along

Today’s prompt – Start where you are. What’s going on with you? What’s on your heart/mind today, right now, at this moment. No back story necessary. No disclaimers. What’s up, buttercup? Spill it.

I am participating in Effy Wild’s September Blog AlongI was going to start the blog along yesterday but…

Thursday night I walked out the door and found the air saturated with smoke. I quickly went online to find out what was going on and discovered that the fire wasn’t local, thank heavens! However, there were multiple fires near where I live. The winds had shifted and instead of getting a nice clean breeze, we got thick acrid smoke that turned the air orange. I hadn’t realized there were so many fires surrounding us!

So yesterday, I took my dog out for his walk and, stupid me, I did our normal route thinking, “I’ll be fine. I’m not going far.” The result was an asthma attack. Now I’m back on my rescue inhaler, of course, and my doctor put me back on my steroid inhaler. I’ve got my air purifier blasting and I am staying inside reading. Fortunately, a friend went out yesterday and bought me a dust mask so I can take my dog out very short distances. Even with my mask on the smoke really bothers me. I’m all croaky right now.

In addition to being smoked in we are in the middle of a major heatwave. It was over 110° yesterday and supposed to be hotter today! In fact, the heat wave is supposed to last through Monday, Labor Day. And next week it’s not supposed to be much cooler. But hopefully not in the triple digits!

On a reading note, last night I finished a terrific book Mr. Penumbras 24-Hour Bookstore. It is quirky and funny and wonderful!  I highly recommend it. 

I also finished watching Hidden Figures a marvelous movie about African-American mathematician women who helped NASA launch the first shuttles into space. They were amazing, strong women. It is a very inspiring story. It did make me sad though to think that it took over 50 years before this story was told. It should’ve been written about long ago!



I just got a notice that there is a Twitter chat scheduled for September 5 on Empowered Pain Relief hosted by the Stanford Division of Pain Medicine at #EmpoweredRelief. I don’t have a Twitter account, but I suffer from chronic pain and this is an important topic to me. Check this out if you have chronic pain or know someone who does. 

Until later. 

Gentle hugs



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